LEGO 320-1 : house instructions

Instructions created of a very old LEGO model that was only visible on the box. Publié par Éric Le Merdy

Here is the building instructions for the house model of the LEGO 320-1 Basic Building Set released in 1985.

<img src="/images/2021-11-11-lego-320-1-house-instructions/thumb.webp" alt="320-1-house.pdf" width="991" height="694" />

My son plays with this very old set. And I realized there was no building instruction available online. So I examined the box photo very closely to create my own interpretation. My plans were on paper at first. And I enjoyed my day off to produce a cleaner pdf version.

Here is the source file 320-1-house.ldr. You can open it with LeoCAD which is a nice tool to create LEGO models and especially instruction set. Since the pdf export did not contains the brick list per step, I exported a single HTML file that I “printed” as a pdf file with Firefox.

I previously used the online Mecabrick version with the same model. But some bricks were not available and there is no support for creating building instructions yet.

320-1 building animation