Learned today: when a story is not a story, partially done work

Publié par Éric Le Merdy

When a story is not a story.

Have you ever had troubles expressing a user-story when you are in a technical team which has technical tasks to perform ? We experienced today this kind of troubles during the planning meeting. My agilist way of thinking make me think: if it is not a user-story, then it does not exists and this is waste to implement. But things are not that simple. We have to be careful. There is maybe a slight tendancy to consider summer as the time to do fun technical things without adding business-value…

What to do with partially done work lasting from iteration n-1 ?

The perfect situation is that the product owner reset this story as the top priority for this next story. But, this time, things have changed and despite he wants it done for the release, he no longer want it done for the iteration. We choose to finish tasks in progress and let the story in the newly prioritized board.