Great session 76 at Paris JS

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This is my first participation to a meetup since a long time ! This is what happens when you got a child and change your life a little too much !

Build Advanced Search Experiences with a Custom Query Language

by Adrien @nioufe

He told us about delivering a powerful search field with parsed expression to query the huge log data collected by his product.

He is based on elastic search query language expressions like key:value or key:(value1 value2). He uses PEG.js for that. His approach is to define a grammar in PEG and generate a script out of that. He adds functions like addfilter or removeFilter in order edit filter query from synchronzied visual components displaying the query.

Simple and powerful, it is definitely the approach I would use to do the same !

Delivering Fast and Beautiful Images and Video

by Doug Sillars @dougsillars

Parisjs fastvideoandimages de Doug Sillars

This talk was a crazy collection of tips to optimize images and video delivery on your web site. The crazyness came from the data Doug has shown to us: for each optimization, he revealed where the web stands today and what time and load the entire web could avoid just applying those simple optimizations. As you can expect, the web is not a good student on that matter…

The 4 pilars of image content optimization are:

  • image compression : just use 85%
  • image format : just use WebP or else jpeg
  • image size : use responsive
  • lazy loading : use svg… and do not load image outside of viewport

Then he told us about gifs, videos and streaming optimization.

Very good talk full of tools and tricks to massively decrease your server load.

The Amazing Tale of the Web S01E03 - The Rise of JS

by Loic

3rd episode of the historic saga.

He presented the history of webapps : especially the painful transition between server side page rendering with DHTML, scripting your rendered server side pages, and then the actual single page application architecture that we know today.

He almost became lyrical at the end talking about the power in the hand of the developer : a kind of “devoxx” proudness.

About Paris JS

I would definitely came back to ParisJS, it is a very open community with monthly high quality talks ! Kudo to ParisJS !