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fixing an NPE when synchronize with a freepository project Publié par Éric Le Merdy

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As a fervent user of the freepository service, I use the Rolf K. Wilms Eclipse plugin in order to synchronise my personal sources with this free online cvs service.

Although the plug-in is working great with Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2, there is a problem with the Eclipse 'Europa' (3.3). Any previously shared project lead to a NullPointerException when trying to synchronize. A workaround as been proposed on Freepository's forum topic. It is to re-share your project.

Anyway, thanks to the CPL licencing of the plug-in, I've 'opened the box' and fix the problem. With this version, you will only be re-prompted for your password when migrating your project from Eclipse 3.2 to 3.3. After contacting Rolf, he says he is not ready to make a release in his name, so I just propose you my modified version (I've just changed 2 lines, with a well design code like this plug-in, it was quite easy).