Better be a finisher than a doer

Publié par Éric Le Merdy

I am a doer, I do things (some people say a lot of things). My problem is that I have some trouble to finish started stuff. This problem only occurs for personnal and other than day to day work.

My software developper experience have taught me at least one thing :

One finished task is better than two started.

Based on that knowledge that I strongly believe in (that is why I get attracted to agile in the first place), I always feels guilty about not finishing tasks. WHY ? I am investigating several hypothesis:

  1. Never finishing stuff is a way to always have something to do WHY ? afraid of emtyness
  2. Afraid of the consequences of the action completion : feedback of people especially WHY ? like to please people / dislike to deceive people
  3. Like to feel guilty WHY ? inferiority complex
  4. Like to be the one the others are waiting for WHY ? illusion to be important for other people
  5. Most tasks that are not perfomed with pleasure are never completed tasks WHY ? during spare time you are supposed to have fun
  6. Finishing a task makes loosing more than you get WHY ? finishing is not rewarding enough

Before rushing to a solution, it has been good to share this cause analysis here. Next step ? Getting a real analysis with a psychotherapist ;-)

Seriously, do you experience the same kind of trouble ?