Angular dev box with Vagrant

Publié par Éric Le Merdy

Never install a developpement tool on your laptop again

If you want to do angularjs with the classic web stack, you will have to install npm, bower, yo… So many developement dependencies on your laptop !

With this https://github.com/ericlemerdy/angular-dev-box, you just have to install Vagrant and it will setup an angular developement box for you.

Be aggressive with your developement environement

This is not new, but very efficient. Don't hesitate to trash your developement environment regularly just to verify that you could easily recover it, as long as your source files are saved (with git for example).


vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Then you have yeoman to create a new angular project !

# Connect to the vm
vagrant ssh
# Change directory to the share with your laptop
cd /vagrant
mkdir myproj
cd myproj
# Scaffold angular project
yo angular
# Allow grunt to serve files to the lan (the one that connects with your laptop)
sed -i 's/localhost/' Gruntfile.js
grunt serve

Connect to and edit your project file with your favorite IDE from your laptop. So that you have the host responsiveness for the file edition process and isolation with dev tools running inside the VM.

How it works

I used a simple Vagrantfile and manifest/default.pp puppet configuration file to setup the box and provision dev dependencies with puppet.

If you have any feedback, the issues are welcome !